2021.09.27 02:55 half-tabaxi Busy

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2021.09.27 02:55 cheesenthong I bleached the ends of my hair. Now do I use toner all over or just on the bleached part?

Hi! My hair was light brown. I bleached it to have blonde on the bottom and left my natural brown roots. Going for the balayage look. Now it’s yellow and I want it to be more ashy. Should I just use toner on the bleached part or all oveon the roots too? Thanks!!
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2021.09.27 02:55 boozybadgers_nft Boozy Badgers NFT || a private-selection NFT for degenerates 🥃🦡 SS inside with details.

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2021.09.27 02:55 Hvvinylworks Not a great picture, but a beautiful [FD RX7] in Dillsburg PA today!

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2021.09.27 02:55 JFMV763 Thoughts on liberalism vs. conservativism vs. libertarianism

How I interpret them currently (mostly in a social context):

Thoughts and other comparisons?
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2021.09.27 02:55 BKPT Just heard The Exploding Hearts for the first time

This is the song spotify gave me. And I thought "man these guys are good" so I went and listened to their album "Guitar Romantic" Wow this album rocks!
Then I started reading about them on wikipedia. Almost the entire band died in a car crash three months after they released their debut album. An incredibly bright comet flashed through the sky. Gone too soon, but a brilliant light trail left where they shined for that brief moment in time.
Just wondering if anybody else had heard of these guys. They were really talented.
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2021.09.27 02:55 twg-bot BUTTERFACE

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2021.09.27 02:55 phokingpanda [WTS] Common Projects Achilles Low Size 42 / 9 US ($180)

Used, scuffs, scratches, heel drag. Soles are still pretty white though and shoes look good on foot. Freshly cleaned and laces washed. Comes with OG all including spare unused white laces. Special anniversary edition with the gold 10 year stamped on each tongue. Fits a whole size big, so fits US 10 best. Looking for around $180 shipped OBO in the US
Tagged pics: https://imgur.com/a/st96U0v
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2021.09.27 02:55 hyunjaejeon Christopher from Los Angeles

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2021.09.27 02:55 noruue_ 今週のたわわ

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2021.09.27 02:55 duovtak Alina and Steven

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2021.09.27 02:55 Entire_Ad8921 ESTOU FAZENDO NOVOS AMIGOS E TÔ FELIZ PRA CARAI!!!!

Olá a todos, tudo bem? Sou novo aqui na comunidade Reddit e estou contente.
Finalmente estou fazendo novos amigos na escola, pois isso era uma das coisas que eu não conseguia fazer. Quando eu era pequeno, sempre fui uma criança tímida e os meus "coleguinhas" me julgavam por causa disso e sofria muito Bullying, não só por ser tímido, mas por causa do meu problema.
Eu sou uma pessoa que possui um problema neuropsicológico, chamado Síndrome do Asperger, basicamente eu não consigo fazer amizades e não entendo quando as pessoas falam em tom de ironia e sarcasmo. Enfim, voltando a minha infância, sempre sofria bullying por conta disso, que nesse caso eu me transferi por duas escolas e ocorria a mesma bosta.
Foi quando eu entrei no Ensino Médio, teve um momento de acolhimento aos calouros. Assim que entrei, os acolhedores apertaram minha mão e davam tapinhas no ombro. Nos mostraram a escola e o objetivo da escola (que era nos ensinar a ser protagonista). No final, teve um momento de desabafo e eu tive a oportunidade de desabafar, botei pra fora todos os meus traumas, todos os meus problemas mentais e comecei a chorar, e então, um pessoal veio me abraçar, dizendo que sou especial e foi assim que percebi que existem pessoas que se importam comigo, até hoje existem pessoas que me apoiam
Enfim, é esse meu desabafo, se estiver longo, me desculpa.
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2021.09.27 02:55 lha1107 Bolton: Taliban may seize Nuclear Weapons from Pakistan, says Pakistani military has radical Islamists in its ranks

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2021.09.27 02:55 shravan555 Need a chegg answer, have a submission today.

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2021.09.27 02:55 xLilBoiDenmark Alternate Map of Europe

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2021.09.27 02:55 LeighSabio AITA for telling my dad that I won't raise my mentally disabled half brother because it's too expensive?

I (M, Lvl 12, half-elf, CG) am a priest of Mystra. I have devoted my life to studying both the divine and arcane arts and now make a sizeable living giving prophecies, telling fortunes, and performing high level rituals. My half brother (M, Lvl 5, half-orc, CN) is not so stably employed and arguably never will be. He is a wandering barbarian mercenary who has 5 Int and 8 Wis, and he is constantly getting himself killed doing dumb things like fighting monsters way too high CR for him and mouthing off to royals who are trying to give him a quest. Anyway, whenever he gets killed, my dad expects me to raise him because "that's what family does," nevermind that resurrection spells are extremely difficult magic with a high financial cost. Anyway, today what was left of him came back in a box again and apparently he had punched an ancient dragon. My dad pulls the whole "family" line with me, and I've just about had enough, so I tell him that if he doesn't have enough spell slots to raise his own family, maybe he should have kept his stupid lute in its case. I might have also called him a spoony bard. Anyway, now my half-brother's mom is threatening to lead a band of Orcish Warrior Women to kidnap priests of Mystra in order to find someone who can raise her son (she's the mom, it's not my fault she can't raise him herself because she chose to be a ranger). So I must ask you, AITA for not raising my mentally disabled half-brother?
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2021.09.27 02:55 GeiffeI Changed the team a little

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2021.09.27 02:55 gcv78 Los Podridos

Hi, community! We are Varios Gallos and just launched our first NFT collection: Los Podridos, a lovely gang of misfits. Meet them in our OpenSea gallery, link in comments!
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2021.09.27 02:55 brobronn17 Help! 3.5 month old puppy is very gentle and obedient with me, but wild my husband.

My Chihuahua Marty never bites my feet and only very gently mouths my hand sometimes. However, with my husband he bites every part of his body and often painfully. Is Marty a momma's boy because I work from home and my husband doesn't? I'm sad because my husband loves dogs and I can see he wants Marty to be calm sometimes to cuddle too. He wanted a dog more than I did and actually shares his food with Marty more than I do and tries to spoil him. I'm more strict with the puppy. I know many dogs bond stronger to 1 person, but is there any way we can alleviate Marty's favoritism? Will this fix itself when I'm forced to return to the office in a few weeks?
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2021.09.27 02:55 GregTheMadMonk 2 bands is not a subgenre 😡😡😡

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2021.09.27 02:55 HDawg6000 Best match so far?

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2021.09.27 02:55 Necropocalypse If you have been vaccinated, don’t tell everyone for social clout. 👏 no👏one👏should👏know👏your👏personal 👏 medical👏shit👏

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2021.09.27 02:55 Banishedshark I am number 1!

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2021.09.27 02:55 ShinTespis99 10 REASONS TO LOVE AIJO KAREN

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2021.09.27 02:55 Sunnydet Parker alum block received yesterday

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