What if we were meant to fall in love with the same gender and make love to the opposite?

2021.09.27 03:45 cr8evolve What if we were meant to fall in love with the same gender and make love to the opposite?

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2021.09.27 03:45 SkyOnFire42 Crustalli Color Wheel, a little out of order but all there! Anyone want?

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2021.09.27 03:45 AviusHeart Act 3 Hell - Need durance waypoint.

If anyone has the wp please add me. I cannot deal with building this flail...
Psn AviusHeart
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2021.09.27 03:45 XxStarlordxX408 Danica Patrick

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2021.09.27 03:45 xxSolar GUS IN FACRY 6‼️‼️?????

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2021.09.27 03:45 wowolves What is it like to work in an esk8 factory? I went to Puaida‘s factory and they were doing pre-delivery aging test

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2021.09.27 03:45 dawnblackheart Feitan’s Pain Packer DBZ inspired?

Howdy y’all, I’m new to the subreddit as of today and I know next to nothing about DBZ, but I just watched Cooler’s Revenge with my roommate and Lord Cooler‘s supernova ability seems super similar to Feitan’s Pain Packer.
Is there any validity to that or am I just grasping at straws here?
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2021.09.27 03:45 AutoNewspaperAdmin [KR] - Vaccination of Kids, Pregnant Women to Start Next Month | Chosun Ilbo

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2021.09.27 03:45 NeonSushics Newbie grow setup

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2021.09.27 03:45 Awkward_loser0421 I need name ideas for this soft girl 🌸

I need name ideas for this soft girl 🌸
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2021.09.27 03:45 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 03:45 TheMayerJ Our offense might be bad at times but….

At least we don’t have the bears offense.
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2021.09.27 03:45 UNOTHENAME200 Bruce Linton Talks about Red Light Holland at About the 6 Min Mark

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2021.09.27 03:45 AsphaltApostle Focus Modes live session – design your Home Screens with me

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2021.09.27 03:45 nelg3105 Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving?

Hi everyone,
Is theres an organized run anywhere in Modesto area on the morning of thanksgiving this year?
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2021.09.27 03:45 RLCD-Bot [Fennec] [Mainframe] [Grey Standard] [Cristiano]

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2021.09.27 03:45 chiefexecutiveprime Neville Goddard - The Smile

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2021.09.27 03:45 Squindexius Buying r/teenagers merch is like paying people to bully you

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2021.09.27 03:45 Rocasolida Where can I find the solubility in water of different iron compounds?

I'm interested in these 3: ferrous D-gluconate dihydrate, ferrous lactate, and ferrous bis-glycinate
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2021.09.27 03:45 lilpomegranate10 Spring 2023 Subleasing??

So this is pretty far off but my friend and I are looking to study abroad together in Fall 2022 and need spring housing. If anyone is subletting for spring 2023 please PM. If anyone also has advice on how to find single semester housing pls comment too. Housing is stressing us tf out.
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2021.09.27 03:45 StrikingBones Where are some places where you could find obnoxiously large pieces of art?

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2021.09.27 03:45 TheSocialUpgrader Want to Sound More Interesting? Add More Contrasts

The latest from the smalltalkscience.com blog:
Do you notice anything special about the following comments?

How do you find time to bake all those cookies? I’m happy with steak and potatoes.
Of course not. But if we just add a contrast to each comment, they become more dynamic and interesting. Check it out:
How do you have time to bake all those cookies? I barely find time to get home and make a TV Dinner! I’m happy with steak and potatoes. Keep that foie gras and sushi crap away from me!
Contrasts are inherently engaging. Visual contrasts. Literary contrasts. Any kind of contrast. Humans are genetically programmed to notice anything conflicting or opposing. Contrasting statements inherently create interesting angles and hook people in. They are fantastic devices for enhancing and coloring your observations. Leverage this psychological principle to your advantage when talking. Point out contrasts in your surroundings or construct your own verbal juxtapositions.
Nearly anything can be contrasted against anything else. Current behavior against past behavior. Current worries against future worries. Your actions vs. someone else’s actions. Big dog vs. little dog. Good food vs. bad food. There are unlimited possibilities. Here’s an example of contrasting the reality vs. expectation:
Reality: You went easy on me in there. Expectation: I thought you were going to crucify me about being late!
Your statement may start with an innocent observation, “I like this place,” but transform into something much more interesting and playful when you add some contrast and expand on it: “…unlike Geoff’s Coffee shop. Have you been to that place? It’s a zoo in there! I couldn’t even hear myself think.”
Maureen is worried about her dog staying at a boarding facility, “I’m worried about my dog staying there for three nights. What if he’s miserable?” She then adds a contrast, which creates an entirely new and interesting dynamic, “But maybe I’m just being paranoid, he’ll probably love it! He probably won’t want to come back! Maybe he’ll forget all about me.”
In the following example, Michelle asks Joyce what it’s like being a new mother. Notice how each new contrast is formed by contrasting against the comment before it.
Joyce (no contrast): It’s been great… Joyce’s (1st contrast): …but it’s exhausting. I feel like a zombie most days. Joyce’s (2nd contrast): …but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. In a weird way, it’s enjoyable to be woken up by this little creature all night. Joyce’s (3rd contrast): …but if it was anyone else, I’d strangle them!
If you consider what is normal, then you can look for what isn’t normal and simply point out the contrast. Contrast your actions / feelings / experiences against other extremes. For example, if discussing the topic of wine, you could disclose the following statement, “I love white wine.” But that’s not very dynamic on its own. You could clarify the type of wine drinker you are by bumping your statement against something more extreme, like, “…and I’m not one of those people who has to drink $70 bottles either—I’ll drink anything under ten bucks!”
Here’s another contrast example: Rick was describing a food truck encounter, “I had some great tacos from a food truck down the street.” When he adds contrast, his observation becomes much more interesting: “…and it wasn’t even a fancy one, it was one of those ‘I’ve been here for 20 years and I’ve got weeds growing in my engine’ food trucks.”
Stay social, my friends.
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2021.09.27 03:45 cryptoboywonder Bought more ALGO

Sold 20% of my ADA and bought more ALGO, and then transferred them to the official mobile wallet. ADA is good but not great for the immediate future. Rather than put more money in, I rather rotate my holdings.
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2021.09.27 03:45 Traditional_Ad1941 BABY STEAMX - Just Fair launched completely safu team known for moonshots!

I'm just sharing the word! This team has provided so many moon shots in the bsc space its not even funny! They launched a token tonight under the SteamX hype - SteamX is currently mooning as of now if you didn't know! This is the perfect time for a Baby SteamX!
I've been in their previous coins, some being DogeBread and BabySphynx! These guys are crazy trust me!
Only live for 20 minutes as of now! To the moon!
CA: 0x2222f666097e541bc7d2920a365016fa2048a24a
TG: BabySteamXOfficial
Dyor and best of luck guys!
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2021.09.27 03:45 lemonpaloma What are some effective (but not illegal) ways to annoy the neighbors on your street?

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