What series as a whole has the best writing in your opinion?

2021.09.27 03:48 Ajaxx013 What series as a whole has the best writing in your opinion?

Looking to get an idea on what you guys think is the series with the best writing.
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2021.09.27 03:48 awwwwmannnnz I’m pretty sure I still have long term covid symptoms. Please read. I need help

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2021.09.27 03:47 VLonetaee I thought outfits where job locked? So people use glams to fit the job they play?

I start my trial next week and I see a lot of people dress they’re characters as the job they play. I thought glams was stuck to a job but it seems all glams are for all Jobs correct?
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2021.09.27 03:47 Squindexius Comment by an r/teenagers mod

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2021.09.27 03:47 Gadget_Insp My new baby, Mystique!

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2021.09.27 03:47 grassogoi My Hero Academia Season 5 IN LEGO

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2021.09.27 03:47 SolAggressive What is your profession and what is the one thing you wish people were doing, related to your profession, that they just aren’t?

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2021.09.27 03:47 DaAwesomeWaffleB Sigma Male grindset

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2021.09.27 03:47 official_Legendofme My reaction to I FEEL IT

I know I’m a bit late, but I don’t care.
All in all it reminds me of crop circles, and just like crop circles it took me a bit to get used to it, but now it’s one of my favorites!
If you wanna see my full review, I made a video on it
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2021.09.27 03:47 IcaroRibeiro What is Your "Level" According to Enneagram Institute?

Level 4: Dissatisfied with reality, they become high-minded idealists, feeling that it is up to them to improve everything: crusaders, advocates, critics. Into "causes" and explaining to others how things "ought" to be.

I think I used to be level 3 when was in early teenager years. However people in high school can be fairly brutal and mean with types 1 because we are see as sycophants, bootlickers who wants to appease teachers and don't match with some's ideal of youth. As such I never was fully integrated with people of my age, having no friends and being always disconnected and pushed aside I created for myself a narrative that "I don't need people" or "People are immoral, stupid and inferior to me", I saw myself as better then others and become too critical, harsh and opinionated about everyone's who was even slightly different from me
With time this overly harsh behaviour started to be extended to myself, I put myself in a position that I needed to be perfect, neat. I couldn't have bad scores, I need to be accepted in a prestigious university, I couldn't drink, avoided partying and even dating. I avoided thoughts about sexuality and became emotionally and sexually repressed. I underwent in burnouts for 3 times in only 5 years and started to accumulate an irrational number of extracurricular activities because number 2 wasn't enough. Every time I failed I felt my world was going to break apart.
After some time, my standards were also extended to my body. I developed body dysmorphism and started to leading towards anorexia. By that time I guess I was a level 6
Level 6: Highly critical both of self and others: picky, judgmental, perfectionistic. Very opinionated about everything: correcting people and badgering them to "do the right thing"—as they see it. Impatient, never satisfied with anything unless it is done according to their prescriptions. Moralizing, scolding, abrasive, and indignantly angry.

Since then I searched some medical help I think I'm making progress. I got over my anorexia and my obsession with perfect grades. I finally come to therms that I'm ok with my own sexuality and I'm now open again for relationships (even though I don't seek any), but I'm still overly strict, judgmental and demanding with workaholic tendencies. Lately I'm having outbursts of anger thanks to a highly stressful working environments. I'm not used to clears displays of anger, I was always someone so repressed that I couldn't ever express my anger, and I'm full of anger, now I can finally put this out of my mouth I feel so hopeless because I don't want to be a person full of hate. Every time I start to lose my mind I feel awful immediately after because people shouldn't be treated like that. At the same time I can go back to being repressed, I just can't

I hope I can stop my workaholics tendencies, because I often feel I'm just in the corner to another burnout. I know my anger won't go away, so I'll try to keep my control without repressing it, but it's hard, when I don't show my anger it generally mean many days of feeling emotionally constrained, days of cynicism, high stress and dissatisfaction
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2021.09.27 03:47 loop0001 Misc advice on technique and hand hold please.

First post here after lurking and spending a good amount of time googling online, so preemptive thanks for your patience and if anyone answers.
Bit of history. I have liked bowling for 13 years now but never played consistently enough to truly develop skill and consistency. At some point my grandfather bought me a used ball (probably a urethane) that was supposed to help learn and develop hooks (beginner ball of course) and we drilled to give me a 2 finger tip and thumb grip. My good games were around 100, happy enough.
5 years ago I had about 5 months (1x a week) where I consistently played, but my hand was not strong enough for the 2 finger (to the first knuckle) and thumb grip, so I started cupping the ball from underneath and forgetting the thumb. during that time my scores improved to around 130 average, and my enthusiasm to develop really jumped. Sadly I had no games after this period until present day.
The last 5 weeks I have joined a Saturday hang out and bowl group of friends. I keep with the no thumb single arm throw. The oddest part is that instead of a house ball, I used one of my friend's balls. He is casual enough to not mind it, and now I feel like I owe him a resurfacing of that ball just out of thanks. Anyways, his fingers are smaller than mine, so I'm fingertip bowling to the extreme, and the only reason I have control is with the grip inserts. I believe his ball is a beginner level reactive, weighs possibly 13lbs, but definitely under 15lbs. Can't remember the brand or model.
With all those negative factors, I'm bowling better than ever. I've set 4 personal records, the latest just this last Saturday with 224. My average has shot up significantly with other scores at 223, 204, 196, 189, 188, 176, 167, 146, and several others I don't remember, but nothing under 120. Feels like a blood miracle. I don't throw significant hooks and I don't know how to explain them well (but I'll try).
To the point though, and me asking for advice. I'm invited to the October league, which is tempting, but I cannot carry on borrowing a ball so I would have to purchase from the shop here. Furthermore I am unsure if I should carry on with my no thumb one arm technique, as by all the research I have found, it is less sustainable with less consistent control over time.
I am in "need" of my own ball to familiarize myself with, but more concerned on the technique since I am doing fantastic (compared to my past) with it. Would you recommend I work to change my style back to using the thumb, and rebuilding my skill?
Wall of text, and unsure what if anything you can comment on. But I appreciate it all the same. Thank you for your time.
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2021.09.27 03:47 archnemesistickling Hunni stocked

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2021.09.27 03:47 Sniping_Blade_Sniper Charlie hugs. (I ran out of post ideas so have Charlie tryna give hugs).

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2021.09.27 03:47 savagetroll Pepper Joe'd again! Jalapeno turns out to be Carolina reefer 🤔😂😎

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2021.09.27 03:47 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 03:47 jarcoleromaiky “El final es el comienzo” comunidad DAYZ

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2021.09.27 03:47 Entropy- Mounted archery is fun 😄

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2021.09.27 03:47 temper1deep5280 Azelf 5484 8668 4496

5484 8668 4496
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2021.09.27 03:47 iwantrecovery Which fictional universe would suck to lack the main "power" in the most?

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2021.09.27 03:47 DoobsGaming Chesko Sebulba

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2021.09.27 03:47 Dragonoid-SB My Nihilism

The conventional brand of "cosmic nihilism" has stopped having any meaning to me after I got older. The fact our existence and subjective values are meaningless in a certain scale is irrelevant to the practical matters of leading a happy life (which is, I submit, the point of philosophy).
However, saying that anything here trully "matters" also doesn't sit well with me. So I came to the following promortalist/antifrustrationist-inspired conclusion:
"Happiness" is the absence of suffering. Life cannot be anything other than suffering, and our minimising of this unhappiness is all we can ever hope to achieve. Ultimately, sentient existence is fated to end, returning to an ideal state of non-suffering. Ergo, we aren't progressing towards anything by being alive since every problem will be resolved through death anyway, and all our self-defined values are only make-shift proxes of the true release of nonexistence. a nihilistic sentiment would be justified within this view.
What are your thoughts on this little hypothesis I came up with?
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2021.09.27 03:47 JHighDa03 Remember Tom?

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2021.09.27 03:47 Arcadegames500 “I Would Rather Say Sorry To Someone 10 Times Whom I Have Hurt & Make A Fool Of Myself Rather Than Not Say Sorry To Them Because Of My Pride & Consequently Which Leaves Me With No Feelings Or Empathy For Anyone”-Hassan Patel

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2021.09.27 03:47 pencilpeenis PPR Trade

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2021.09.27 03:47 jonah8522 28 [M4F] #Manhattan - Drama free discreet oral

I used to have a girl that would go down on me on a regular basis. Nothing too weird or aggressive, just good oral. Simple and drama free. She moved back home because of Covid and now that I'm vaccinated I'm looking for a replacement. I'm 28, in shape and good-looking. I'm 5'8" and 145 lbs. I'm cut down there and I keep it very clean and trimmed short. And I'm fully vaccinated. I know how I like it but I'm also open to new ideas. I don't care much how old you are or what you look like as long as you're female and clean. If you can't host, be in manhattan or able to travel here. I look forward to your message.
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