😎Baby Doge Boss💼 fair-launched today & performing a Takeover of the Crypto Defi and NFT's Market! Baby Doge Boss is the smartest Doge in the world! Using his sharp eye for talent he has recruited an awesome marketing team, and we are soon to be the #1 Community Coin. Lets make it rain!

2021.09.27 02:38 ElectrikAvenue1 😎Baby Doge Boss💼 fair-launched today & performing a Takeover of the Crypto Defi and NFT's Market! Baby Doge Boss is the smartest Doge in the world! Using his sharp eye for talent he has recruited an awesome marketing team, and we are soon to be the #1 Community Coin. Lets make it rain!

😎Baby Doge Boss💼 fair-launched today & performing a Takeover of the Crypto Defi and NFT's Market! Baby Doge Boss is the smartest Doge in the world! Using his sharp eye for talent he has recruited an awesome marketing team, and we are soon to be the #1 Community Coin. Join the Takeover! Be a Boss! Lets get the G's!
Baby Doge Boss has identified the next evolution in the booming NFT sector. Baby Doge Boss is developing Smart NFT's! Our NFT's are going to be Dynamic and ever-changing, unlike traditional NFT's, Baby Doge Boss's Smart NFT's will change based on time of day and Market Conditions. When Crypto is pumping Baby Doge Boss will be happy and cheery, and when the market is dumping Baby Doge Boss will be stern and remind you to HODL!
🌎Website: https://www.babydogeboss.com/
📱Telegram: https://t.me/BabyDogeBossCoin
📱Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheBabyDogeBoss
📱Buy it right now on PancakeSwap!
📝Contract: 0xa57d9af4bf0e4e0d4132435fc82b2b66ac173b26
🌎BSC Scan Link: bscscan.com/token/0xa57d9af4bf0e4e0d4132435fc82b2b66ac173b26
Our Boss Tokenomics:
Dynamic Smart-NFT's X BOSS NFT Lootboxes and Marketplace.
Baby Doge Boss aims pioneer the development and rise of Smart Multi-Layered NFT's using the Altura NFT's upcoming developer API. Unlike traditional NFT's, Baby Doge Boss's Smart NFT's will change based on time of day and Market Conditions. When Crypto is pumping Baby Doge Boss will be happy and cheery, and when the market is dumping Baby Doge Boss will be stern and remind you to HODL.
Baby Doge Boss NFT's will be Airdropped to holders via a lottery and community engagement merit system. We will have giveaways to outstanding community members. Like and share Baby Doge Boss on Facebook and Twitter, and be entered to be airdropped our most exclusive NFT Releases! Also We will be releasing our very own NFT Marketplace where we will have a extensive roster of exclusive Smart-NFT's and NFT Lootboxes!
Auto-liquidity Generation.
7% of all Baby Doge Boss transactions will be contributed to building Liquidity ensuring that growth, stability and sustainability of the token is backed by a constantly growing liquidity pools.
The rate of contributions will only increase as our community grows and trading volume increases providing stability and security to our investors.
Sustainable Marketing.
2% of Baby Doge Boss transactions will be contributed to our community marketing fund, 100% of this fund will be used for Marketing and Advertising of our token. This will ensure that we have the capital necessary to fund our massive viral marketing campaign that will catapult Baby Doge Boss to to very top of the DeFi and NFT sphere!
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2021.09.27 02:38 RelentlessKing_ What time exactly will the Ultimate edition of FIFA 22 going to release?

Is it going to release tonight at exactly 12:00 AM or is it still unknown?
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2021.09.27 02:38 DifferentDragonfly63 I have no clue what im doing

When would be an appropriate time to ask to hangout with someone? I (22m) havent really been in the dating scene for a couple years, but i started talking to someone recently and I'm not sure when the right time to ask would be? I dont pick up on social queues that well and i wouldn't like to ask too soon or ask too late. If it makes sense i dont wanna seem to pushy but also not wait too long that it seems im not interested, any tips or advice would be great!
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2021.09.27 02:38 mysterybao Hyperfocus Scares Me

I find myself sometimes getting so into computer programming that I can easily spend 24+ hours coding over the weekend. I even find myself thinking about ways to fix a bug or implement a feature as I go to sleep and want to work on it first thing in the morning when I wake up.
Then for the next few days in my normal work I feel tired. Like I need to catch up on the energy I spent over the weekend.
Not going to say that I don't make great progress over those couple of days. There are definitely benefits to it. But to block out the entire world so intensely and the hyperfocus hangover the next couple of days makes me feel like this isn't healthy.
Is this something anyone else struggles with? Should I learn to embrace those moments when it happens or is there a better way of managing this? Do you have any strategies that could help?
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2021.09.27 02:38 old_story5500 Weinachtslieder

These help me feel calm again when I become needlessly sad.
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2021.09.27 02:38 svanapps r/ethtrader - Nowadays...

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2021.09.27 02:38 CrazySonoran Hud?

Does anyone else play without the HUD? Just curious, I like the extra immersion and challenge it presents, like aiming my bow is now a bit of a learning curve.
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2021.09.27 02:38 void_whsiper If you see a man by this description let me know immediately!

I am an otherworldly peacekeeper and have been sent to this world to find a man who has been causing trouble in your world. His description is that of an ordinary man. Long black hair that curls in the back, a black coat, black tee shirt and blue jeans. He can however be identified by his energy or aura. It will feel like there is a second entity behind you as you gaze upon him which may be the result of his shadow. His true name is unknown. What we do know is that he is a 300-year-old Lich wanted for the murder of angels, demons, and countless human lives.
I first followed his trail when I got reports of an attempt at necromancy somewhere on earth. When I went to the source, I found the house to be seemingly abandoned. I helped myself inside, it was dark, and the power was out, I also felt a distinct drop in the air temperature meaning there was a specter nearby. That’s when I turned to face a mirror to find a grief struck woman in the mirror, was this the attempt at necromancy or a result of failure?
“Who are you? what happened here?” I thought she would answer my question instead she gave a chilling scream that pierced the air and shattered almost all glass in the house. I shook my head and found that the woman was gone, the mirrors were broken. I helped myself upstairs and the only remarkable thing I found was the corpse of the man who I assumed attempted necromancy. I still had not found any evidence of a ritual until I decided to go down into the basement.
In the basement I found the sigil and on the other side I found a small, mutilated body, I believe this was the attempt of necromancy I was sent to investigate. The corpse doll crawled towards me. “hun…gry, hun…gry.” This thing was too tortured and out of its right mind to answer my question. I took my revolver and freed the poor soul trapped in there. My search was not however in vain. I found a black journal detailing the experiment, whoever wrote this journal has been passing down forbidden knowledge to humans.
I took the journal to my superiors and was immediately given my next assignment. A fallen angel of gluttony had disappeared off the face of the earth. I went to investigate hoping that the culprit who took the angel was the same one who wrote the book. When I arrived on scene, I saw a large construction team trying to fix what seemed to be a giant sink hole in the ground. I went up to one of the workers and asked what had happened. “don’t know this thing just appeared overnight.” This looked like collateral damage from a battle. But between who?
I was ready to investigate more of the scene when I got an emergency beacon from my superiors. I went out of sight of the populace before entering a portal back to my base of operations.
“You called for an emergency?”
“a construct from the circle of lust was just released and is now loose in the world, find it and destroy it, then find whoever unleashed it and destroy them to.”
I grabbed a second revolver before jumping into the portal. Where I emerged was the scene of the summoning, and it had all the evidence of a summoning gone wrong. Broken mirror, place was slick with gore. I went out the broken window and went into the woods. I don’t think it got too far away. I walked through the woods following the trail of dead animals and rotted ground it walked on, that’s when I found it. The construct with four mechanical spider like legs, a body the shape of a scorpion tail and long razor blades for fingernails.
It let out a wail and that’s when I drew my two guns and fired, conventional bullets didn’t seem to affect it, but it was pissed off enough to come after me. I poured my lighting magic into the heaven forged revolvers before smiting the abomination with a flash of lighting.
“Well, well, aren’t we talented.” I heard the voice coming from behind the monster.
“Who are you?”
“You will have to forgive my ill manners, but I forgot my name a long time ago.”
“Were you the one who summoned that?”
“Yes and no. I gave them the book, just like I gave that man the black journal of necromancy.”
“Using humans as lab rats for your magic.”
“I have been doing it since Salem, you just never noticed.”
“What about that fallen angel?”
“I would love to answer all one hundred of your question, but I have to go.”
“You’re not going anywhere!” before I could raise my pistols, something from behind me knocked me onto the ground. I then saw his shadow join his side before they both disappeared into a veil of fog, and I lost his trace. When I went back to my base, my superior informed me that man’s oldest name is Clavicus a human who buys years of youth for himself devouring the souls of humans and other ill-gotten means. But what is he doing here on earth, and why does he care about new methods of summoning magic?
I write this because your world needs warned without dragging to much attention. Our existence is supposed to be secrete after all, but if you see a man with the above description, do not deal with him but don’t be rude and get yourself killed either. And when you have the chance tell me his whereabouts immediately.
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2021.09.27 02:38 jc-bankin 1 year anniversary without my best friend/sister. I miss you more everyday - I pray one day the anger I have will pass

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2021.09.27 02:38 thewanderer1800 Out of all the dumbest takes…

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2021.09.27 02:38 Motolearnshare #2-1こんにちは。I am Japanese. To study English, I am teaching Japanese in English. Write your sentences in accordance with instruction. I will correct your sentences in Natural Japanese for JLPT N5 Beginner and Intermediate level learners. Grammar Topic: “これorそれorあれ”

①Improvement of Writing: Instruction
1, See the below “☆Basic Example Dialogue”, Try to write single sentences or Dialogue style with Grammar topic “これorそれorあれ” and post your sentences in 48 hours from posting this thread.
2, Beginner Level: It is OK to write just simple sentence by only Hiragana. (It is easy-to-read to make space between word and word). Millions of mistakes are necessary for improvement, so you do not have to hesitate.
3, Intermediate Level: See the below “☆Advanced Example Dialogue”. If you use this time Grammar topic “これorそれorあれ”at least once, you can make your dialogue freely. It is also OK to add more Person A&B part to make longer Dialogue.
4, I will comment and correct your sentences. Although I cannot respond to all (Especially, off topic) because I have limitation of time, I try to comment.
Usually, beginners could have difficulty to judge which topic is more important. From viewpoint of Japanese, I will pick up more important and skip less important grammar topics. So, you can save time. This series could be shortcut.

②Example Dialogues
I cited below [*1] sentence and translation from Page 20 in Minna No Nihongo Second Edition Elementary Japanese 1 Translation & Grammar Notes – English. To make dialogue structure, based on [*1] sentence, I wrote [*2] sentences as Person B’s lines. I added “[ ] My grammar interpretation”.
“☆Basic Example Dialogue”
A それは じしょ ですか。[*1]
sorewa jisho desuka。
Is that a dictionary? [*1]
[When I indicate an object that is located close to me, I use “これ=This”. When I indicate an object that is located far from me, I use “あれ=that”, thing over there. When I indicates an object that is located at midpoint between これ and あれ, I use それ.]
B1 はい、 それは じしょ です。[*2]
hai、 sorewa jisho desu。
Yes, that is a dictionary.
[I guess Person B feels the dictionary is located at the midpoint between これ and あれ. Thus, he is using それ. If he feels the dictionary is located to close to him, it is OK for him to use これ. It is also OK to say はい、そうです。]
B2 いいえ、それは じしょ じゃありません。[*2]
iie、 sore wa jisho jaarimasen。
No, that is not a dictionary.
[Negative expression, so じゃありません is used. It is also OK to say いいえ、ちがいます。]

“☆Advanced Example Dialogue”
A: これはミラーさんが昨日買った パソコンですか。
[I used the grammar topic with Relative Pronoun.]
B: はい、そうです。オンラインストアで買って、今日届いたらしいですよ。
A じゃあ、これもミラーさんが買ったマウスとキーボードですか。
[I used これも instead of これは because Person A expected Mr. Miller bought also other items.]
B いいえ、それは 私が先週買ったマウスとキーボードです。
If you add [ ] explanation and English translation, it will be helpful to understand and correct your sentences more accurately.

3A Corporation 2012, Minna No Nihongo Second Edition - Elementary Japanese1 Translation & Grammar Notes – English, 3A Corporation, Tokyo.
ISBN-10: 4883196046
スリーエーネットワーク(2012), 「みんなの日本語 初級I 第版 本冊」, スリーエーネットワーク.

④Question and Comment
If you have some questions about topic, ask me on the comment section. If you write in English, I will comment back in English and If you write in Japanese, I will comment back in Japanese. Although I cannot respond to all (Especially, off topic) because I have limitation of time, I try to comment back.
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2021.09.27 02:38 LoveAnimeFan Golden Darkness

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2021.09.27 02:38 SOADK7 13

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2021.09.27 02:38 HGG888 LOL AKALI PENTAKILL??!!!

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2021.09.27 02:38 Professional-News697 Is there a clubs day?

Im a freshman looking to join orgs and I was wondering if there was some kind of club fair
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2021.09.27 02:38 Equivalent_Meal_3492 Tomorrow my account officially becomes 1 year old

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2021.09.27 02:38 meybley Hair color possibilities

Me: mom (Hispanic) has black hair, dad (French) has red hair I have red hair (2 siblings have black hair)
Spouse: dad (Irish) had red hair, mom (Italian) had black hair Spouse has black hair (3 siblings have black hair, 1 has blond)
Do I still carry the genes for black hair even though I have all of my fathers traits? From what I've read, I would still possess an allele for black hair. If this is true, or if it isn't please correct and educate me on the chances of my offspring having red hair.
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2021.09.27 02:38 Voice_of_Season Fanfiction (good ones) have been really helping me come to terms with the ending

So I just wanted to say thank you to all you writers out there ❤️
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2021.09.27 02:38 cryptoallbot COTI to issue Djed stablecoin on Cardano

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2021.09.27 02:38 antichain Hot take: the inheritance tax is the most moral tax and should be as high as possible.

Anti-tax zealots love to harp on the so-called "Death Tax" as one of the great evils of the modern State, but I think that any libertarian should at the very least understand the logic of the Inheritance Tax and why it is fundamentally different from any other.
The general (right) Libertarian argument against taxation is that the State is (at gunpoint) taking value that you generated through your labor and redistributing according to how it sees fit. Whether this is morally equivalent to highway robbery or not is up for the debate but it's a logically consistent view that makes sense to me.
It also doesn't apply to the Inheritance Tax at all. If I'm Bruce Wayne and my rich parents die in a mugging gone wrong, I have done nothing to earn the wealth I will inherent. I am essentially being rewarded for being lucky. I did no labor, I generated no value, I did nothing to improve to society other that pop out of right uterus that entitles me to that money.
The inheritance tax is not theft because the only person who had a "right" to that wealth has died and gone beyond where it's of any use to them. You could argue about what the deceased "would have wanted", but they're dead. If they complain about it, then I'll listen.
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2021.09.27 02:38 hauntinglovelybold I swear the vendor list gets longer every time I see it

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2021.09.27 02:38 Hakasereviews The Anime of the Year for Every Year

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2021.09.27 02:38 AudienceNo1679 I need a squad please

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2021.09.27 02:38 kotone_x I don’t like Zach Choi

I feel like I’m the only one in the mukbang community who doesn’t like him, I mean his content. Like okay his sounds are good BUT WHY TF IS HE STARING AT THE CAMERA LIKE THAT ?? Like I CANT watch his video because of that lmao 💀💀💀 it’s like he’s staring right at my soul and it distracts me from the food.
View Poll
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2021.09.27 02:38 kaisick lany nyc tickets

hi I have a ticket for lany in nyc (radio city music hall) on oct 11 for sale at $78
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