Mother Jaguar and Her Cubs Are "Rewilded" in the Republic of Argentina

2021.09.27 02:45 gradymegalania Mother Jaguar and Her Cubs Are "Rewilded" in the Republic of Argentina

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2021.09.27 02:45 cuteanddead 10,000 sub!

We hit 10,000 subs yesterday! I’m so glad this sub is growing and more people are here joining in the discussion. I posted this a while back, but the milestone seems like a great time to ask again: what type of content do you want to see in this sub? What would be helpful or interesting to you?
Also a little reminder that we do have user flair on this sub that is fully editable! I love seeing where you guys are from, or just your funny quips.
Happy beachin!
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2021.09.27 02:45 ChemBioJ Imagine zooming around on this thing

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2021.09.27 02:45 FuntimeFreddyfan87 Remade my bisex male preference flag

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2021.09.27 02:45 bruhhhhhhhhhh5 Is it ok to completely soak your dreadlocks with water everyday in the shower?

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2021.09.27 02:45 harri3jr I would’ve never guessed tonight was a PPV

This sub really needs to just change its name to AEW
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2021.09.27 02:45 My_name_is_Bot Upper East Side Got Millions In NYC's 2022 Budget: Here's Where -

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2021.09.27 02:45 TheRealLardin "Don´t Stop Me Now" - Queen (Guitar Solo Cover)

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2021.09.27 02:45 Shaxel1 squid game in roblox

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2021.09.27 02:45 jt30799 First time grower here, here are my first pink oysters on their second day of fruiting! [general]

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2021.09.27 02:45 Scoop500 3 year old mini keeps eating grass?

My three year old mini poodle Teddy keeps eating most of his food but leaving a little bit at the end and then going outside, eating grass, and vomiting. He’s never been good at finishing his food (we also have an older mini poodle who literally licks his bowl of the same food so we don’t know why) but recently he’s been eating a lot of grass and it makes him sick. Anyone know why?
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2021.09.27 02:45 mmomothz Finished this one today!

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2021.09.27 02:45 block0PPsyshi The Old Gunslinger - Who Lives for the Perfect Shot

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2021.09.27 02:45 Toasterconsumption (Ds3) (PS4) ( Summon me)

Fair warning I’m garbage at twin princes and nameless
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2021.09.27 02:45 19999999988 n sei lidar com a inveja que sinto pela vida social do outro

sla, em partes eu gosto de ser uma pessoa introvertida e tb n quero ter uma porrada de amizades... mas sempre quis ter um grupo de amigos. enquanto outros se frustram por serem virgens ou n conseguir namoro, eu sempre me importei mt mais em ter uma vida social, amizades profundas...
mas ao inves disso sempre me deparava em ter amizades de curto prazo. pessoas que eu conhecia por um ou dois anos ate q eles se mudassem ou conhecessem outras pessoas. é horrivel, essa sensação de ser jogador de reserva. de nunca ser incluida na vida do outro. de achar q tenho amigos q gostam de mim mas dps perceber q nem gostam tanto. q o grupo da faculdade sempre esquece q vc faz parte ou aquela unica semi amiga q vc tem, mas nunca te chama pra sair.
um exemplo mais recente é de uma colega. eu gosto dela e tal mas ela sempre dizia q n gostava mt de sair. mas a gnt mantinha contato pelo zap. e sei la sabe.. meio q bateu esses dias qnd ela falou q iria visitar os a;webmigos dela de outro estado, mas qnd era sobre a gnt se encontrar (ela mora apenas 5 min de distancia da minha casa), ela dizia q preferia esperar a segunda dose. é tao estranho. nunca ser convidado pra ficar na casa dos outros. nunca ser escolhido. nunca ser a pessoa q vc escolhe sentar proximo.
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2021.09.27 02:45 ThatGeonocidalOne Not again....

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2021.09.27 02:45 Palingart Detailed sketch of my date yesterday

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2021.09.27 02:45 goodnaturedpenguin Sephora employee denied me entry 20 minutes before closing - is this allowed?

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2021.09.27 02:45 East-Seawness56 I started working in a small restaurant about a month ago and the food waste is incredible. I can't sleep at night thinking of medium and large restaurants food waste now and times a million in nyc. How can I stop thinking about this?

I know food waste is at 40% world wide but just seeing it under your nose and with your eyes is so sad since food waste in my house is like -/+ 5%. I don't even wanna work in food service anymore because of it. What can I do to make it not affect me on a personal level?
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2021.09.27 02:45 My_name_is_Bot 2021 Statewide Master Schedule List: 09/30 to 10/02 – - Eastern PA Football

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2021.09.27 02:45 mrmiyagi27 Is my system screwed?

My system is stuck asking for update 9.0, I tried all 7 options on safety mode and connected ethernet cable and my system is still not even starting or going into any screen other than asking for external device and shutting off, what can I do?! I'm desperate here
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2021.09.27 02:45 HufflepuffsNWoozles7 Adderall Medication Help - Reposting because I messed up twice 🤪

Bare with this unorganized word vomit brought to you by a swearing autistic person and her love of metaphors and similes - I’m struggling to gather my thoughts right and have been absolutely exhausted So I’ve been taking Adderall 10 mg each morning for almost 40 days now. I previously tried guanfacine and Strattera, but didn’t find them to be helpful. When I first started taking Adderall, I thought it helped me dim some of the distracting noise and allowed me to focus on accomplishing stuff on my to-do list or impromptu tasks, but lately my family has noticed me glitching for lack of better phrasing. I either have been struggling to start or finish tasks and have been buggy/spacing out more, or the flipside, wayyy too hyper focused in an unhelpful and unsatisfying degree. Either leave me feeling depleted and I end up crashing and mad/grumpy with myself and others around me. Additionally, I’m finding that adderall makes me not feel like myself in a lot of ways. Let’s start with physical - I don’t eat as much as I normally might (bored/emotional eater, hiya 👋) and I haven’t felt well-rested as it seems my issues falling and staying asleep have been amplified. Emotionally, I don’t feel like myself and I feel like I’m just poorly going through the motions like a shit stand-in for a talented actoactress. On a related note, I feel like I can’t relax like normal on adderall. I used to watch a lot of TV to relax and would be able to focus on whatever I was watching, but lately I barely watch TV and whenever I do I struggle to pay any attention whether it’s a short YouTube video, a half-hour show or movies. My mood for awhile was good in the sense that it wasn’t great nor awful but kind of borderline, but lately I strongly feel the adderall has amplified my depression and made it honestly unbearable. I don’t feel like myself and I don’t find myself being interested in any of the things I usually turn to in trying to counter or safely manage my depression. I’m open to trying medication within reason, but I just feel like the adderall has made things worse and I’m also not personally a fan of the notion of adding on medication because of amplified side effects. It’s like Groundhog Day with each passing day leaving me trying to play exhausted catch-up and I just fumble with whatever needs doing. I’d love to hear some feedback whether anyone else has some similar experiences or some suggestions (e.g. stopping adderall, etc.) I just feel smothered and out of my depths atm…
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2021.09.27 02:45 eddy306 Secondary for a lifestaff main?

Interested in hearing my fellow healer mains secondary weapon choice and reasoning.
For me right now Im still not sure what I’ll use for each scenario.
1.Hatchet or greataxe for solo pve
I think hatchet will be good early on due to beserk and the fast attack rate.
I think the great axe will be better at maybe lvl 20+ when I have more health and I can pull mobs with life staff then cleave with the GA.
2.Hammer or ice gauntlet for expeditions and pvp for extra cc and survivability.
I think the hammer has better CC’s due to the actual stuns it applies and might be better in pvp seeing I’ll probably get focused hard being a healer.
However the ice gauntlet I think has more survivability due to the ice tomb skill. I think ice gauntlet will be better in expeditions because I probably won’t be in the thick of it as a healer to even use the hammer.
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Unlimited uses, just have to create new accounts whenever you’ve used up your three previous discounts and want more cheap food! 🙂
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2021.09.27 02:45 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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