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2021.09.27 04:07 Xzaviermakesart Hi my name is xzaviermakesart and here are some artworks I did of dontai(chapter 2 comes out next week).p.s. there’s a sneak peak at the next chapter called:rage

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2021.09.27 04:07 MrH_PvP YSK to disconnect the car battery after a fip

This is especially if it is crashed or flipped in tall grass as it could cause a major problem than you currently have. Why YSK: this is because if the car is going to be left there for a while and any grass or dry stuff surrounding the car or under the hood may ignite from the car battery.
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2021.09.27 04:07 siccamel DeFi like a DEGEN - Part 1

What’s going on all you lovely fuckers, hope you’re ready to learn a little about farming. No, no take those boots and overalls off we aren’t going full hick we are going full DEGEN. There are many strategies and ways to yield farm through different blockchains and projects, but with this being WSB Crypto this degenerate approach seemed fitting. This is a more advanced approach to show DeFi’s potential, more posts will come on different strategies in the future, but first, I gotta give you smooth brains some wrinkles...
Basic Degen DeFi Vocab: YIELD FARMING- Staking, Providing Liquidity, or lending to earn passive income in the form of a crypto token.
LP- Liquidity Pools where you deposit LP tokens that consist of equal $ values of token A and token B combined (wrapped) into a token that you can deposit in pools to earn rewards.
EMISSIONS- The rewards. For all pools there is X amount of the token emitted per block, each pool gets a % of those emissions. Typically, the pairing of the token of the blockchain is on has highest allocations. Anything paired with the launched token will have higher allocations than “stable pairs” (see definition below). This is nice because if there is 1mil in liquidity in one pool it wont drag the others down, only dilute that one pool.
$ETH/$BUTT pool- 10 $BUTT per block – 1mil in liquidity -> most rewards per block given to this pool
$USDC/$BUTT- 6 $BUTT per block- 100k in liquidity -> less per block BUT in this case rewards per $$ invested would be higher than $ETH/$BUTT because the pool is less diluted.
$ETH/$USDC (“stable”)- 1 $BUTT per block- 100k -> “stable” pools always have lowest emissions
All this is laid out and expressed in the pool’s APR- does the math for you.
DEX/CEX- no not sex. Decentralized vs Centralized Exchanges.
APE STACK- (fitting amirite) you gotta diversify, I keep a % of my holdings in safer staking for lower yields. Your ape stack is the tokens you use to “ape” into a project.
SLARP/LARP- Buying. Typically on a dip. Slarp the dip.
"STABLE" FARMING- not exclusively stable coins. This includes any top 100 or so token pairs. I.e. a pair with lower rewards that does not include the projects native token.
PAIRS- tokens that are paired together that you can swap for based on liquidity provided. Various pairs are available and they differ project to project
APRs- Annual return rate
SLIPPAGE- an accidental revealing of nipple or a setting on a DEX where you can set parameters for volatility, if a tokens price is volatile you need to set this higher so your order goes through.
RUG/RUG PULL- essentially a scam. Developers pull the liquidity and take people’s money. It happens that’s why we do DD
IL- Impermanent loss- will go into more detail on this below under “Risks”. When using LP tokens you ideally want both tokens to rise at a similar rate, if token A rises by 20% and B stays the same you would end up with less A and more B than you put in, could have made more just holding both tokens… this is ideally offset by rewards
Locked/Unlocked rewards- Some rewards are immediately available while others can have locking periods that vary. Usually when there is locking a % is available immediately and that ratio might change with time.
Compounding- usually done manually. Taking your available rewards and putting them into more LP tokens that you deposit to increase your rewards.
Withdraw/Deposit fees- Withdraw fees more common but some utilize deposit fees instead of withdraw. These penalize for withdrawing too early. Withdrawal fees will usually decrease over time all the way down to 0.5 or 1%. Deposit fees typically remain set.
TIP! – if you leave a tiny bit of LP in the pool most withdrawal fee timers will reset- meaning even 50 cents of LP will restart that timer- you can return later and deposit LP (which doesn’t reset withdrawal fee timer) and withdraw anytime you want at that low fee. If you withdraw 100% that timer won’t start until you deposit LP again.
Okay, here goes. This is assuredly not financial advice, is kinda educational, and definitely risky. Crypto is risky business - dangling a chicken leg from your dong 2ft over an alligator pit business. If done right returns can be equally as wild. There is a significant learning curve but the bottom line is simple- ape your stack into any project. I mean anything. Even shit projects can print. DYOR and put more into the solid projects. Point is, get in early and capitalize on stupid yields. Many of these projects will print for a few days, maybe, then are no longer worth using. Some are good for the longer term. Divvy up your ape stack accordingly. For example- I’ll throw 100$ at literally any project that moves and has a digital pulse- something with quality I might dump my entire load.
100s-1000s% APR. You heard me. 100s-1000s. The right project can net you hundreds of dollars a day investing only a few thousand or less. Catch is this: timing. I will use a couple fake newly launched DEXs called “Asshat” that earns rewards in it’s native $BUTT token and “Chad” that earns $TENDI.
This is a generic early ape situation- depending on project quality approach changes but general idea remains the same. Typically, these DEXs have a token launch and then either immediately open up LP farming pools or have a delay. This impacts my personal strategy so there will be small differences based upon this. SOME OF THIS IS BASED ON COMMON PATTERNS- but nothing is ever 100%! Here goes;
Part 1: TOKEN LAUNCH – buying $BUTT or $TENDI When these projects launch, they start off by releasing their new token at a set price (usually super low) and it is a race to swap for it (pair will be announced beforehand). There are a few approaches I take here:

  1. Pools Immediately available- here idgaf what I pay for these tokens. That isn’t the point. Buy as quick as possible (note- if you aren’t there RIGHT at token launch, wait for a dip but don’t wait too long and miss out on phat APRs) The point is to slap your LP tokens into that pool ASAP so you can get the best APRs. I shit you not there are times where for about a few minutes the APR is in the millions. However, as more and more people enter their liquidity in the APR decreases – rewards get spread out among more people.
  2. Delay in Pool launch- here you can apply a different strategy and potentially profit before pools even launch but you gotta be QUICK and know what you’re doing. In the DEX before token launch set slippage as high as possible (usually 49%) you need this because that token will pump BIG immediately and you want to snipe the lowest price possible. If on ETH/Harmony/a chain where you can adjust gas to speed it up, do so. Goal is to get the best entry price, this token will then pump because of heavy buying to farm. You want to do this for option #1 as well, difference here is the delay. With the delay, if you snag a good entry, you can flip it immediately during the pump (I typically wait till it hits high and begins to drop or until a certain multiplier, I do NOT sell it all- usually enough to recoup initial and some profit). Then, almost inevitably there will be a slow down in buying and a small to large dump in price. BAM! SLLLLARP more and pocket some or all of your initial and get your LPs ready for farming. If you don’t end up getting a good entry price (you buy the top- it happens) don’t worry about it. Just put these tokens immediately into LP, start earning, and try not to be a dumbass-top-buyer next time. So, to summarize, in the PERFECT situation: Buy low at launch with slippage and sped up tx if possible -> sell some at pump -> slarp back at dump -> make LP -> slap LP into farms-> earn rewards!
If you miss launch, no biggie! Sometimes we are late to the party. Check out the APRs, look into the project, monitor native token price action and if the stars align, or you’re just a degenerate fuck, get in there.
Okay. WTF IS LP! Look above at the definition you illiterate ape… got it? Good. You got your $BUTT/TENDI tokens, great, the project usually announces some of the pairs ahead of time. But if you’re on ETH you know one will be BUTT/TENDI & ETH and if it’s Harmony you know it will be with ONE. There will be a place on the DEX (usually labeled “pools”) where you can “create a pair”. Here you interact with a smart contract that wraps token A and B into the LP token. This LP token is what you deposit into the farm. Sometimes you have to make the LP on a different site, that LP will be recognized in your wallet by the projects site and you can then deposit it into pools. Just adds an extra step.
My LP’s are staked. Now what?
Part 2: FARMING- here is where quality of project comes into the strategy aka $BUTT vs $TENDI
  1. Asshat Protocol earing the $BUTT token.
This project isn’t that bullish but we’re just here for the rewards. Nobody really cares about $BUTT and they will just dump it and swap out unlocked rewards for another token. If you’re early there will usually be some time for you to farm up rewards before the token dumps. Take advantage of those high APRs and either cash out or compound your rewards. On Asshat I would compound a little early on but start to cash most of it out later. Keep an eye on your returns and know when you make back your initial and are into profit. $BUTT can continue to go up after the initial big dump while more and more people get in for the yield farming. Eventually, since this project is BUTT people will dump more and more and the price will begin to tank. This is normal and fine. Decisions need to be made and this is where making your initial back helps. Timeline for best farming can range, usually a few days to a week or so depending on price action and reward emissions. Point is don’t leave your LP stack in there TOO long or Impermanent loss can hit hard as token dumps more and more- keep track of your initial and profits and decide when to remove your LP. MAKE SURE YOU LOOK INTO POSSIBLE WITHDRAW FEES! Most of the time after 3-5 days it will be low enough not to matter. Again, here is where keeping track of your initial and profits matter. Depending on how I feel about Asshat I might leave a little LP in to keep earning (ideally leaving in only some profits), but I want to recoup my ape stack and most of profits. How you want to play this is up to you, this is just my thought process really.
  1. Chad Protocol earning the $TENDI token
For whatever reason you are omega bullish on this project. Reasons can vary; maybe $TENDI will have some super sick utility- in a game, for certain airdrops, any kind of use really. “Governance” doesn’t always count as utility. People will still dump governance tokens. Whatever the reason Chad is a good project. Here you can let that LP sit more and earn you those sweet, sweet TENDIs. No matter how bullish there is still risk involved, still try and recoup initial and take profits. But here I would compound more than usual and keep my LP in for the medium to long term. Passive income is a wet dream every night you sleep. Since this is longer term you can apply a pool hopping strategy: you start off in $ETH/$TENDI a month or two later you notice that pool is becoming over saturated (too many people in there diluting APR) with a low withdrawal fee you can remove your LP, break it, and make $DOGE/$TENDI LP since it has a way better APR rn with a lot less people in the pool. REMEMBER THE TIP! (just the tip hehe) Keep a tiny bit of LP in any pool you withdraw from in case you want to go back if there is a fee timer. On a long-term project, you can keep doing this, be sure to monitor any fees and the APRs. Taking profits is never bad, this space is hella volatile so even the best may fall. Don’t be afraid to cash out a portion of your precious $TENDIs to refill your ape stack, take some profits out to stables, or just to cover some expenses IRL.
RISKS! Impermanent Loss (IL) – I will comment a link to an IL calculator site. So token A and B go into the LP token at equal $ values. If A goes up 20% and B stays the same/decreases/or increases at a lesser value you will end up with more token B and less token A. Take $BUTT token- it dumps HARD at one point, your stack of $ETH you have paired with it shrinks significantly… ouch. But you DeFi like a DEGEN and know not to panic, with the APR even at this price you can still make it back. Cash out those rewards and if all goes well that IL is meaningless. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to eat the IL in lower yield pools- be wary.
RUGGGGG! – Yeah. This happens. Remember how I said have an ape stack? And to dump more into $TENDI and less into $BUTT? This is why. Sometimes you get a feeling a project seems sus… devs seem shady or the project doesn’t make much sense. You keep your little stack in there then when you try and cash out $BUTT you can’t! They pulled liquidity. Or there is a 100% withdrawal fee on LP. Here is where DD comes into play. But that doesn’t mean these can’t still be profitable. Really. I have made 2-10x’s off of rug pulls... NO I was not the one pulling it, I swear! They just hadn’t pulled it yet when I cashed out. TIMING! Because you were sus of it, you put a smaller part of your stack in and take your profits and initial much earlier. There will be times where you buy a token then get immediately fucked. Usually that isn’t the case, scammer scum want to jebait more people in first. With a sus project, putting a small amount of LP in at first to test the contract can help avoid running into a 100% withdrawl fee scam. So yeah. DYOR.
VOLATILITY- y’all thought crypto markets were volatile. LOL. Bigger risk bigger reward. Why we have ape stacks. There are many SOLID Defi projects out there. But even the Asshat projects can give good returns and Chads can dump (better chance of recovery here so this is when you might SLARRRRRP). BECAUSE THIS IS CRYPTO AND EVEN MORE SO DEFI; the PUMPS will be bigger and the DUMPS will be bigger.
BLOCKCHAINS for this approach (IMO- leave me alone maxis) BEST! – Harmony $ONE – with their cheap tx, speed, and projects this strategy shines on Harmony.
Honorable Mentions- MATIC/ETHEREUM/SOLANA doable on all of these as well. I mostly use Harmony, MATIC, and Solana.
some notes and parting words This is more of an advanced DeFi strategy, for any newbies jumping right into this degenerate shit would be exceptionally risky. I just want to share so people know what kind of crazy shit is out there in this space. AGAIN! THIS IS PSEUDO-EDUCATIONAL CONTENT ON THE DEFI SPACE AND IN NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM FINANCIAL ADVICE! Give hugs not rugs, but if you do get rugged that’s your problem and frankly it’s a rite of passage. You aren’t a true DeFi degen until you’ve been rugged at least once. Or twice…
NOW. Before I get a hundred fucking complaints or suggestions from the peanut gallery of wrinkly brains in here…. This is just A SINGLE STRATEGY, there are many ways to DeFi all with their own merits and I will cover more in future posts. From NFTs, to Play 2 Earn, to Lending, LP Farming and many others… how in the buttfuck can I cover it in one post? Let alone have the liquidity to get into all of the countless projects out there.
This is my strategy, there are many like it but this is one of mine.
Feel free to comment some of your strategies or favorite projects!
SIDE NOTE: Don’t let some of the stuff in here scare you, you learn by doing and getting involved and I promise you learn QUICK. Money is involved so that helps motivate adapting to the learning curve. When done right this can be crazy profitable and gives a new way to earn. You gotta start somewhere, and if someone didn’t share with me, I never would have known any of this stuff existed. Tokens I can USE are by far my favorite, makes crypto more fun when you aren’t just staring at charts all day. Thanks for reading! Hope y’all gained a wrinkle or two on your silky smooooth brains.
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2021.09.27 04:07 Believeinanarchy ¿Algún día caerán los precios de los terrenos y viviendas?

En lo personal no lo creo pero sería interesante saber qué piensan.
View Poll
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2021.09.27 04:07 gedehes "The last water lily", Me, Watercolor on paper, 2021

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2021.09.27 04:07 SadWRLD11 Looking for a non-expensive iphone, any help?

I really want an iphone XR. They're under 400$, and the average price is 380$ The cheaper it is the more convincing i can be with my parents.
Ive searched some websites saying the phone can go for 180-200$. That sounds good, but its hard to trust. Some say, "Used" or something like that. which im not 100% what that means. Does it come with a few scratches? Is it completely wiped?
Anyways, i even saw a phone going for 20$, definitely a no-go. Should i even be looking for phones online? Should i go to a store and buy one (which im sure are the more expensive ones). Hopefully with black friday coming up the high quality ones will drop down to 200$ at least. Any advice?
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2021.09.27 04:07 ThisVacantHeart H: med2525 fixer W: Bloodied fixer offers

Looking for a BE third star doesn't matter
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2021.09.27 04:07 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 04:07 userpay Interesting bit about the new Discord lag...

Someone may have already mentioned it be I just noticed something interesting I think with the discord lag when scrolling servers that was introduced last week. If you hover your mouse just to the side enough so that it's not on the servers directly it won't lag when scrolling. It's specifically when your cursor goes over the icon that it lags out.
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2021.09.27 04:07 MediocreAd432 Investment Advice: Student

Hi everyone,
I am currently an International student studying in Canada. I have saved up some money and am willing to invest the money and hoping to get a good return in a few years.
Since I am a student, the investment amount is not significantly big, but somewhere around 4k to 5k CAD.
I would really appreciate some advices on what I could invest in, and what would be smart to do.
Thanks! :)
P.S - I am over 18 years old
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2021.09.27 04:07 peppermint1729 Week of October 18 - Wilder Kaiser Mountains in Tirol, Austria. Looking for multi-pitch climbing partner

Heading there to hopefully climb “Blue Moon” and then some sport climbing the next day near the lake. I have 2 days of climbing available before heading to Gosau for some scenic via ferrata. Anyone in the region available that time?
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2021.09.27 04:07 DeathToPoochie Is The Catcher in the Rye a comedy?

I’m 30 years old and reading this book for the first time. I’m about 4 chapters in and I can’t stop myself from laughing out loud constantly at Holden.
I’ve read posts on here talking about how Holden is relatable when you read the book as a teenager and a whiny brat when you read it as adult. I can definitely see that being the case but the way he describes the people in the store is cracking me up lol
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2021.09.27 04:07 appleplatz 19 [F4R] Looking for a texting buddy!

Hi everyone,
I'm currently a college student who misses texting so muchhh. I live on campus so most of my friends only text me to tell me to come places or do things and not to actually chat on the phone (first world problems amirite). Obviously that's a good thing because we can talk in person and get close that way but man i just miss sending long ass acronyms and being able to have a conversation whilst cuddling a stuffed animal alone in bed.
Okok so if you want to know if we'd be a good match: I'm a biology major in college but one of my biggest fears is that as someone who wants to go to med school my only personality will become biology, so I like to do all sorts of things. I like reading, learning how to code, watching movies, fashion, and exercising! In general, I appreciate having diverse conversation about interesting topics as well as getting to know each other more. Looking forward to chatting!
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