When are you clear from overdose? Like can you still overdose after 2 hrs from last hit?

2021.10.16 07:18 pimpinmoms When are you clear from overdose? Like can you still overdose after 2 hrs from last hit?

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2021.10.16 07:18 problyfontpapat Bella Thorne nude clip leak

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2021.10.16 07:18 Donix_D_Nator Falla giudiziaria

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2021.10.16 07:18 christnmusicreleases Dr. Fauci Reminds Americans To Wash Their Brains Twice A Day

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2021.10.16 07:18 chillblaze StockX in Canada

Sorry if this has been asked before but I live in Asia and am planning on buying a pair of sneakers for my brother who lives in Canada.
Can anyone confirm if the price on StockX's website which explicitly states duties included is indeed final and that I won't get slapped with any more customs fees when the shoes are delivered?
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2021.10.16 07:18 TheSprunkle Gartic Phone - The Telephone Game

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2021.10.16 07:18 Conny_and_Theo RICE Mod Dev Diary #14 - Yorkshire Flavor Pack: To Scarborough Fair!

RICE Mod Dev Diary #14 - Yorkshire Flavor Pack: To Scarborough Fair!
I'm Cybrxkhan, creator of the Regional Immersion and Cultural Enrichment (RICE) mod, which adds simple "Flavor Packs'' to different parts of the world (Steam link here). In today's dev diary, I'll cover RICE's upcoming Yorkshire Flavor Pack. Although it focuses mainly on Yorkshire, some features affect rulers throughout England as well.
If you’d like to try out the new features, a beta version has also been uploaded to GitHub, ETA for release will be next weekend.
As an aside, I’ve just released a new mini-mod, Rename Tribal Era to Late Antiquity, that literally does just that, for you history nerds/academics out there who'd prefer a better term than "Tribal Era" - steam link here.
Charter Fairs In medieval England, settlements could be granted the privilege to hold a so-called charter fair, an important source of wealth and prestige for these towns. Several, including a couple in the in-game Duchy of York, became prominent enough to form a set sequence by the 1200s. Four feature in RICE: Stamford during mid-Lent, Boston in July, Winchester in September, and Northampton in November.

Once your culture has the Guilds or Urbanization innovations, if you own the counties these are in, or are an independent king/emperor of whoever holds them, you gain access to a decision to Grant a Major Charter Fair that adds to the relevant county a county modifier that increases tax and development. Note that if you are under a king/emperor, you’ll need to pay extra prestige in order to ask your liege to grant it.


Once all four of these charter fairs have been granted, an event has a chance of firing randomly a little after that upgrades these county modifiers to be more powerful. This represents the development of the aforementioned set sequence.

Besides these four, there are two unique “minor” charter fairs that can be granted: Stourbridge (in Cambridge) and Scarborough (in North Riding). Stourbridge, though not part of the aforementioned set sequence of charter fairs, still ended up being one of the largest trade fairs in England for centuries. It was visited by famous figures like Isaac Newton, and inspired the setting of Vanity Fair in the novel The Pilgrim's Progress.

Meanwhile, Scarborough was the inspiration for the famous English folk ballad, Scarborough Fair. Those of you who’ve played my CK2 and CK3 mods for a while know I’m obsessed with the song so I wanted to make a mention of it.

Historically, there were many of these charter fairs across medieval and early modern England, so I decided to focus on a special few. In the future, if RICE returns to England, I may feature one or two of the more unique ones.
Special Buildings The Foss Dyke is a special building in Lincoln that will always be present. It is the oldest canal still in operation in the British Isles, and may have been built by the Romans, or even earlier.

The Humber Ferries also feature as a special building in the baronies of Grimsby (in Lincoln) and Cottingham (in East Riding). At the 867 start date, they don't exist yet, but can be built later.

Lastly, any Duchy in England or Wales can now construct a new duchy building called Wool Industry. Wool was a cornerstone of the English economy particularly in the high medieval period, and wool produced here fed into markets throughout continental Europe.

Saint John of Beverley John of Beverley was a 8th century Bishop of York who was canonized in the 11th century. Popular in medieval England, especially among royalty, he was believed to have aided English monarchs in battle. Henry V, for example, credited his victory at Agincourt to John of Beverley. John founded Beverley and his tomb is there, hence his association with the town.
In-game, if you start in 867, own Lincolnshire (where Beverley is located), and are sufficiently powerful, you can take a once in a game decision to Pay Homage to John of Beverley. Doing so will grant you a modifier, Blessed by Bishop John of Beverley, that provides various military bonuses. This is loosely based on a legend that King Athelstan visited the Bishop’s tomb before achieving military victory; he afterwards granted the town a number of privileges, such as the right to sanctuary.

100 years after someone pays homage to John of Beverley, another decision is available to Secure Canonization of John of Beverley. Historically, he was canonized in 1037.

Besides netting you piety, more importantly, canonizing John of Beverley allows you or any rulers in England to Go on a Pilgrimage to Beverley. If you played from the 1066 start, all the above has already happened and the pilgrimage is available from the get-go.

The pilgrimage is similar to other basic pilgrimage decisions and event chains previously added in RICE, but there's a twist. Going on the pilgrimage once unlocks the decision to Borrow the Banner of Saint John of Beverley if you either control Lincolnshire or the Duchy of York, and are either at least Duke tier, or a King or Emperor liege of whoever controls the county. Taking this decision grants you a modifier with various military benefits for 10 years, but it can only be done once in your lifetime. There's a further twist - the more times you've gone on a pilgrimage to Beverley, the more powerful the modifier is. Thus, you may want to time your pilgrimages, wars, and when you borrow the banner for best effect. Lastly, you obviously cannot borrow the Banner if someone else is currently borrowing it.

Stamford Bull Run Bull runs were a common festivity in parts of England during the early modern age. Some famous bull runs started in the medieval period, such as the one held at Stamford in Lincolnshire (interestingly, it is 100 miles from the more famous site of Stamford Bridge).
According to legend, the Stamford Bull Run began around 1200 when a Norman lord named William de Warenne assisted locals with pacifying a couple of bulls. He enjoyed it very much, and requested the townspeople recreate the spectacle every year. Though the story is probably fictitious, it's plausible that the de Warenne family were involved in supporting the tradition for many years, and so the legend may have been a way to explain that.

At some point, a small event chain based on this legend will trigger for whoever owns Lincolnshire, where Stamford is located. Once that happens, rulers of Lincolnshire and nearby counties will be able to take a decision to Spectate the Stamford Bull Run. It's a very small festival event chain that nets you some bonuses, and you can choose whether to participate in the bull run itself or just observe the exciting chaos from afar.

Miscellaneous As always, there will also be new events, music (including several renditions of Scarborough Fair), and so on with the update. Check out the beta if you’re interested, though do be warned that while it’s playable and stable, it may have bugs and some missing features.
Also want to mention again that I just released a new mini-mod renaming the Tribal Era to Late Antiquity, for you history nerds/academics out there - steam link here.
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2021.10.16 07:18 ToyVaren Is crypto gambling?

If i treat it like savings account or 401k, avoid obsessing about it, and stick to a definite schedule of when i can deposit or withdraw it?
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2021.10.16 07:18 sen_ar1n Yaar Mains 2022 first attempt maximum kitna early ho skta hai? Early feb se pehle ho skta hai?

title :(
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2021.10.16 07:18 swon888 Walked around Chinatown with the A7iii and the Sony 24-70GM. The lens is a monster. So nice, a bit large for me. Camera is so good with the FF sensor

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2021.10.16 07:18 ToothFairy860 Help me I’m cheap…

The more I stack, the more I realize silver is silver…
Do I plan on selling anything I buy? No.
Am I just going hodl unless silver does a Bitcoin? Ya. (And I think it’s actually possible). It’s pretty undervalued. I know we all get upset that the price hasn’t 🚀 but one day it will and we’ll all just be pissed we didn’t stack more. Sort of an opportunity we need to step back and realize.
Conclusion: I just want to buy as much. silver as close to spot as possible.
Stackers, we’re do you guys find the best deals? I would love you guys to share.
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2021.10.16 07:18 djbrain86 Bright eyed and bushy tailed

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2021.10.16 07:18 YourFrogMom Does anyone know what is happening?

TW: Body talk? I'm kind confused about what's going on with my metabolism/body right now, wondering if anyone else had a similar experience. Let me know if this isn't the right place to post, I just didn't know where else to go. So basically, I've been in recovery for 10 months, I weight restored and overshot (a lot lol) and then started losing overshoot about two months ago. Recently, it's been coming off quickly, even though I'm not doing anything? I guess that's what they mean when they say "trust the proccess". Leading to my question: Recently (as in this/last week) most of the overshoot on my body has become super... soft? It's very warm, soft, and a little numb, and the skin around it feels loose too. It's also like... you can see the muscle/bone underneath more, but it's extra soft around it? Almost swollen, but not a different size? I hope that makes sense. I'm wondering if it's water weight again? My measurements/weight haven't changed upwards (based on how my clothes fit) Like... it feels like edema did back in the first few weeks of recovery... But there's no way it could be, it's not like fat magically changes into water in a week, right? My mom even commented on it out of surprise when she touched my arm the other day, that it felt "loose" and "different than before". I don't know what's happening, but it was very sudden and I'm worried it might be a problem? Does it mean I'm going to gain again? Do I need to eat more? I was losing overshoot steadily without effort, so idk. Thanks for your time, sorry if this is a dumb question! Have a good day<3
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2021.10.16 07:18 Camronbye This first one is not you Brandon but the next one is you (if you don't believe me see for yourself)

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2021.10.16 07:18 ZoobBot 179826

This is the 179826th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.10.16 07:18 MikeDevilo What are math courses like in SNHU?

I need to take pre calc and calculus 1 and i'm thinking about doing it through SNHU. My work pays for it so i wouldn't be paying anything. What are the courses like when it comes to math? is it better than self teaching through something like khan academy? I'm debating between doing them through SNHU or doing them at my own pace through straighterline.
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2021.10.16 07:18 Unbeleivedreamer So Frustration

Got to vent, trying to level in pub baal games. Join xbaal-8, game is actually just ending. Exit game, cannot join new game due to game limit.
Also, go to try new game of a series I've been able to follow, OP hasn't made game yet. Now I can't join or make games because I punched in a wrong number. Game fills up while I've got this new silent realm down.
Makes the UX feel so trashy. You may want to say, "go play another game" or "don't play at all" but I really love the game, just feeling frustrated looking at the screen, wanting to play, not able to play, then playing again yay, now no play.
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2021.10.16 07:18 ManFromTheUSA How Do I Smooth The Lines in a Posterized Image? (clear cut lines, not gradient type smoothing)

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2021.10.16 07:18 SecondTryBadgers Transferability

I bought this game for my son on his steam account. Turns out I really enjoy the game and want to play with him. Is it possible to transfer my progress to my steam account when I buy the game?
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2021.10.16 07:18 Ialmostthewholepost Well we made it to /r/publicfreakouts again..

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2021.10.16 07:18 TN_Egyptologist Isis

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2021.10.16 07:18 SignalBanana1 RollerCoin mining simulator worth it?

I came across the Play-To-Earn website RollerCoin.com. It looked interesting at first, while it’s free to play, but after 2 days I’m questioning myself if it’s worth my time.
In short: The game is an mining simulator. Every 10 minutes there is a virtual blockchain block being minted, from which each player that contributes hashpower to it gains a small profit. (30000 Satoshi per block total, player gets a %, multiple coins possible). That hashpower can be increased with mining rigs and/or playing minigames. These minigames have increasing difficulty the more you play & are reset to level 1 every 24h.
In these 2 day’s I’ve played a bunch of games (8h +) and managed to gain 35 Satoshi. Buying mining rigs will go north of 3500 Sathosi. I’ve got the feeling that this is not worth the time investment based on the returns & the lack of fun factor.
Is there anybody here that has a better or similar experience with RollerCoin?
TL:DR: Is Rollercoin worth the time?
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2021.10.16 07:18 Kukamakachu How Much Are Retail Workers Hypothetically Being Screwed?

For this example, I'm going to use Lowes (no particular reason, it's just the random fortune 500 company I picked). According to their 2020 annual financial report, Lowes made a net profit of $89,597,000,000 that year.
Lowes owns 2,015 stores, including subsidiaries. That means each store averaged $44,465,012.40 in profit from sales annually or about $3,672,117.70 monthly.
Now, according to a sustainability report done by Lowes in 2008, the average store used 26kWh/sqft per year for the year 2006. If we assume this hasn't changed, that would make the total cost of power per store to be about $303,430.40 per year at the national average of 10.42 cents ($.1042) per kWh. This means each store spent $25,286 per month on electricity.
Now, let's also assume the total markup for product sales is 1.4, meaning that each product that is sold has a 40% markup (this is an average retail markup but many products like hardware can have markups as high as 1000%).
Lastly, we'll consider that each store can employ about 120 employees. The average cost per employee ranges from $13 (csa) to $20 (supervisor) per hour. For the sake of argument, we'll meet in the middle at $17 an hour (an over estimate). This would make average gross yearly earnings $35,360 and cost Lowes $5,410.08 a year in payroll tax (15.3% national average), a total of $40,770.8 per employee per store annually, or per month, 3,397.50 totalling at $407,700.80 per month.
So, with our profit of , we can add our power costs, our labor costs, and use our markup estimate to factor how much it would cost to replace product. Doing this, we get a total gross sales average of $7,037,332 gross sales with a product replacement cost of $2,932,217.50 monthly.
If everyone's pay was doubled (from $17 an hour to 34) then the total profit only drops to $3,264,416.90.
Even if it cost $264,416.90 per store to operate distribution centers and corporate, that's still 3 million per store or a total of $72,540,000,000 per year, well above the 49.7 million cut off for the fortune 500 if everyone were paid $34 an hour.
Now this is an estimate and not exact since there are many other expenditures like taxes that I won't nor care to go into but this just illustrates the idea.
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2021.10.16 07:18 7itemsorFEWER This is a reach but- update windows lmao if using Tidal

I just signed into my old(er) laptop from college (used maybe 4/5 times a month- definitely not more than a couple months behind on updates) and pulled up Tidal to play faces (was playing on my work computer and phone previously), and it sounded like it was recorded in an empty warehouse (extremely far away and echoey). Windows update fixed it. Figured I'd share just in case.
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2021.10.16 07:18 OzBargainBot Kraken Power Fenrir 6700 XT Gaming PC $1749 + Delivery @ BPC Tech

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