2021.10.16 06:50 DrafteeDragon PRE-BATTLE 4: PEEK-A-BOO

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2021.10.16 06:50 Rabuliz Patch 6 and combat

The nerf to push would be better if npc were also nerfed. On this play through mobs have a 100% success rate which is pretty busted. Push needed to be nerfed all the way around, not just for our party. The way it is now imho it’s even more busted than before.
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2021.10.16 06:50 Full-Fuel9074 Welcome to DR. Fegger! 🦍 Apes Come Together! 🦍 7% FEG Rewards! Next BSC gem! Apes Together Strong. NFTs, Giveaways, and So Much More!!

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2021.10.16 06:50 _bissy_ [iso] [us] soft ambitions jogger black size 2

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2021.10.16 06:50 MasonLuck i have some gameplay changes i thought up and want feedback.

There is this whole debacle over "game boring" but i hadn't seen much in the ways of discussion for fixing that. I think an easy system will involve public events being more the focus of the grind. Heres a few ideas i had while on the toilet.

  1. Rework gold bullion
Ideally, Removing limits on gold bullion will make players more adamant on doing the public events. Same amount given just allow us to grind more than 20 events a day for the stupid notes. Second, just remove the notes in total and give straight up bullion. Or make notes tradable. Give them player value and maybe they'll help spread the wealth.
  1. Add more ways to earn score
    As people have said, there are usually 5 things in the entire battle-pass that they want. Everything else is probably never used. "Oh boy, another player icon! I cant wait to use this" said no one.
    I personally want a handful of things; Daphne, Gas-pump brew station, Maul, judgement paint, gong, Grognak axe guitar skin, Doggy collectron and samureye skin. The tier 100 white samurai skin is ugly. So 8 out of 100 tiers. Atoms are also wanted bc free fake moneys. Adding those makes it 17 tiers but realisticly its only the 8. I see it personally 2 ways. I get to maul and quit, which is as far as id get it i play maybe 8 hours a week, Or i get the samurai skin which is completing most daily and weekly score challenges.
I hate those stupid challenges. They are a chore and they take me out of my role to do. "But thats what theyre meant to do". Hush, its not fun to travel back and forth and the game telling me what to do for like an hour and a half. "Build 5 things in your maxed out camp or fight someone for a workshop". NO, i want to grind public events and try to get those dumb nuclear winter skins i couldnt be bothered to grind.
My proposed solution is simple. Make enemies killed give 1 score per kill and make public events give between 10 and 30 score per completion. Maybe more ways like create todays special consumable and be awarded 5 score per craft or harvest a node and get 1. Idc just more than these dumb challenges ever day, every week every month. Games should be fun. Playing the game should reward something
Finally 3. Add more endgame quests/objectives
No one does daily missions. Why? Most are garbage. They suck, theyre boring and they give nothing. Atleast the biv daily gives new recipes. Make them useful and not reward another dumb cosmetic outfit.
Side note: if for whatever reason some BGS dude sees this and thinks "dang thats a good idea, im gonna get that in the game" id like to be recognized as a character named Mason sitting on top of vault 76 playing the mouth harp. No interaction by player. Just sitting chilling.
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2021.10.16 06:50 FrecklesFanatic Mother of God

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2021.10.16 06:50 Lopsided_Club8149 Look I...

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2021.10.16 06:50 LaweyRicoon Why ZEON flag is very similar to N@zi flag? Is there any reason why ZEON's flag as n@si?

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2021.10.16 06:50 SaltandPepperRaven Looking for recommendations to get the blades to pop.

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2021.10.16 06:50 CodeDubs Received Treehouse set from u/lukemfrank (Bravo on the packing)

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2021.10.16 06:50 Chiefking320 Need some new frands

2256 4260 4705
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2021.10.16 06:50 rgeu7382i Women/girls of reddit.Why do you use filters and excessive makeup?

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2021.10.16 06:50 joshwasuthorn Tips/advice for a transferee.

Hi, everyone. I am currently a first-year college student in Baguio and planning to transfer to DLSU Manila for AY 2022-2023. My course for this year is BS in Tourism Management. Since there is no BS-TM in DLSU Manila, would anyone please recommend some of the courses that DLSU offers where it will not be so hard for me to adjust? I am also planning to enroll in a flight school after finishing my degree, so, any course wouldn't be a big deal. Any tips and advice regarding admission and other matters that might help me have higher possibilities for my application to get accepted? Thank you.
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2021.10.16 06:50 heinaga1989 🚀 Mikasanomics is Doing A Fair Launch On October 16, 7-8:00 PM Utc | From a Based Dev With Reputable Experience | Next 100x Gem | Low Market Cap | Active Telegram Community Join Now

Safe Dev
Join a unique system that only goes up !🚀
A token on the BSC smartchain to combine the rebase with rewards.
Hold and receive $BUSD directly to your BEP-20 wallet as a reward for holding
The Mikasanomics team is comprised of people from diverse backgrounds but with a lot of experience with Crypto.
Strong project, Long term holders, no dumps, just pumps!
With a youthful and experienced team, we intend to deliberately alter the crypto space with our rug proof tokenomics that will not only secure investors’ funds but will bring about a win-win situation for all.
The CORE Team is comprised of business professionals and cryptocurrency veterans with over 65 years combined experience in traditional business and over a decade of crypto trading and knowledge!
💢 Tokenomics:
Total Supply: 1,000,000
MAX BUY : 20,000
MAX WALLET : 20,000
✅Buy/Sell Tax 10% Low TAX
✅5% Marketing & Development
📲Telegram :
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2021.10.16 06:50 Vlad1mir_Lemon I put this hat on as a joke, but I actually really like it [19M]

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2021.10.16 06:50 vzntre New Himynamestee OnlyFans🔥 discord join‼️

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2021.10.16 06:50 Xmipodalt [WANTED] WSG Supreme Blientele Vinyl

Hi! Im ISO any variant of Supreme Blientele. Id prefer the main cover, but either of the others I would consider. If anyone has a copy theyd let go of let me know!
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2021.10.16 06:50 bot_neen Taller de Análisis de Sentencias 2021 - 14/10/2021 - TEPJF

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2021.10.16 06:50 Picklecollector Marquise Brown

Just here to get a second opinion. Would trading Robert woods for Marquise brown be an over reaction because besides for week five woods production has not been great and marquise browns has been really damn good. I guess I’m just asking if marquise browns production is sustainable and if he’s worth Robert woods.
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2021.10.16 06:50 Lichesbeforebitches 2 Nickles

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2021.10.16 06:50 KoiDotJpeg Reddit moment i guess

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2021.10.16 06:50 Midvally Don't play pallys that much, charsi food?

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2021.10.16 06:50 Separate-Context2185 Is there any way to improve low conscientiousness?

Mine is around 25% on one test.
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2021.10.16 06:50 Ryota011 Looking for active scholar

In just a week, we already onboarded 150+ scholars and about to open MORE SLOTS in the upcoming days!
Pm now
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2021.10.16 06:50 SUPERSONIKNINJA Presentation givin by Marine core

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