88ye9 8ia3k 34tyk 34bie baf2a df7ny risas s84t2 dfn25 4kt52 2727t 394yk ia25a ei975 zaaa2 54aiy 39rk6 9b632 fa276 3ad28 8h88h Labswap ⚗️ $LAB | Low Market Cap | DEX Live on | DeFi | Organic Grow | Stake & Yield Farming Incoming | Huge Potential | 0% Tax fee | Don’t miss this rocket 🚀 |

Labswap ⚗️ $LAB | Low Market Cap | DEX Live on | DeFi | Organic Grow | Stake & Yield Farming Incoming | Huge Potential | 0% Tax fee | Don’t miss this rocket 🚀

2022.01.28 20:00 ColTrks Labswap ⚗️ $LAB | Low Market Cap | DEX Live on | DeFi | Organic Grow | Stake & Yield Farming Incoming | Huge Potential | 0% Tax fee | Don’t miss this rocket 🚀

🧬The Labswap ecosystem is expanding!! Our decentralized exchange (DEX) and automated market maker (AMM) Live on! Stake & Yield Farming Launching coming soon!
🧪Our staking and other DeFi features will further increase the demand and reduce the supply, while continuing to enable growth in value through staking and NFTs.
🧫With our yield farm, you will be able to get more benefit from your Labswap. Because our token ($LAB) is not exploitable, we may adopt a dual token mechanism and use an alternative token to make profits.
$LAB is a decentralized finance (DeFi) token that operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20).
The token was launched with an initial 10B (billions) tokens 0% Tax fee
✅ We are already launched on pancakeswap!
$LAB: 0xa36dcff099e7ef8577601448bc60890dd50fa45f
Token symbol: LAB
Maximum supply: 10,000,000,000
Network: Binance Smart Chain \\\BSC\\\
● 60% for Liquidity :. 6,000,000,000
● 10% Marketing :: :. 1,000,000,000
● 10% Ecosystem :. 1,000,000,000
● 15% Exchange Listings :. 1,500,000,000
● 5% for Core Team :. 500,000,000
Don’t miss this moonshot! Join us before FOMO!! 🚀
💬Telegram: https://t.me/labswapcommunity
📲 Twitter: https://twitter.com/labswap_io
🌐 website: https://www.labswap.io
💰Dex: https://dex.labswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xa36dcff099e7ef8577601448bc60890dd50fa45f
🛣Roadmap: https://medium.com/@Labswap/labswap-roadmap-2022-ced35d766e24
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2022.01.28 20:00 ViolentTaintAssault Can't we all just get along?

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2022.01.28 20:00 Primalesque r/workreform does not exist to reform work. It exist to reform us workers.

This sub is purely and blatantly a shill sub.
It is run by parasite capitalist bankers who aim to soften and compromise our movement so it is no longer a threat.
They allow right wing fascists and liberal centrists to participate despite those 2 groups being the clear enemy of any progressive movement like ours.
It’s aim is for the rich to further control us by pretending to be us.
Fuck the rich, UNIONIZE!
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2022.01.28 20:00 cdubrovski Court Rival on MD… Do I purchase?

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2022.01.28 20:00 TheSoiGamer Plot Twist

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2022.01.28 20:00 Dekelv Who writes customer case studies for businesses?

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2022.01.28 20:00 NefariousnessBig8861 Rover funnel neck restock all sizes!!!!! RUNNN

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2022.01.28 20:00 mvfsullivan [TIP] As a new user of Huel, I had no idea how critical a proper blender was in order to get rid of the nasty "gritty" or "sandy" texture. Wow what a massive difference

I'm sure this has been posted many many times but I figured I'd give the thread a refresher. As a new user who literally used Huel for a single day so far, I had no clue what the difference between shaking for 10 seconds and using a blender. My god it is insane.
No matter how much you shake, you will never get rid of the gritty texture. I'm sure one could grow accustomed to it, or just force it down for the sake of health, but for me I am stubborn so I had to try what was already previously mentioned, using a blender. I just didnt think it would be a big difference because the ingredients like various seeds wouldnt be able to get crushed thinner than they already are.

Put 2 scoops in 250ml of milk + 250ml water for 3 mins on high and you will love it :D
P.S. I personally use water + milk because I find 500ml milk highly blended puffs up and feels "sludgy". Half water helps keep it at a nice balance. The milk also helps absorb some of the grittiness because it has more of a smoothy like feel (id say its about half the thickness, so not too thick)
Hopefully this helps our fellow new Huelers!
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2022.01.28 20:00 AsuraVaruna Bugged Vateshran Minotaur Boss

Is there a fix for the Vateshran Minotaur bug where he refuses to jump off the platforms where he is invulnerable? I've seen posts about this bug dating back to last autumn time, but none suggesting a way to manage it. He will eventually jump to the right platform where you're standing, but he will immediately become invulnerable on jumping and force you to move and wait again.
On PC EU server.
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2022.01.28 20:00 How_To_Program New Members Intro

If you’re new to the community, introduce yourself in the comments below! Make sure to read the rules.
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2022.01.28 20:00 TheRedDrago8247 Woo, yea baby, that's what I've been waiting for, let's go

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2022.01.28 20:00 VIP_Money 50 FREE Woodworking Hobby Plans + 440 Page Guidebook For Quarantine 2022

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2022.01.28 20:00 sacklunchable LAVENDER

Has anyone tried making a mead with lavender?
Would anyone have a recipe or some advice to go about making one?
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2022.01.28 20:00 iBornstellar Censorship is here. In game and this subreddit

Rule 9 or Rule 11.
Which one will it be? Maybe a temporary ban or a permanent one?
Hello mods. You can take down this thread yet again but I will not shut up and I will keep on saying that I do not support the censorship of characters in Genshin Impact and if that’s somehow “low quality” discussion or whatever, well, guess we can learn to agree to disagree.
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2022.01.28 20:00 olixius Conservative ideology is antithetical to progressing the lives of workers.

There is no way to move forward while incorporating conservativism. It is quite literally in direct contrast with progress. Not only is conservativism against progress by definition, the ideology has long been co-opted by corporations and the Uber wealthy.
It's a mistake to try and make concessions to include conservatives that are unwilling to learn and change. The worker's movement will end up benefiting them, and they'll immediately turn tail and forget about solidarity with everyone else.
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2022.01.28 20:00 takemehome4real 2022 pans starting out strong

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2022.01.28 20:00 AutoModerator Welcome to join and share your best deals here!

Join buysaleeverything place to share consumer Sales & Deals and Thanksgiving Sales.
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2022.01.28 20:00 rose3sarah3 Resurge Deep Sleep Supplement and High Support Formula Reviews! From Kai Health Life

Resurge Deep Sleep Supplement and High Support Formula Reviews! From Kai Health Life In today’s world, people have the opportunity to find a good product by reading the feedback from other consumers such as resurge deep sleep and high support formula reviews

Resurge Deep Sleep Supplement and High Support Formula Reviews
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2022.01.28 20:00 MarvelsGrantMan136 Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon - Ep. 35 - "Battle on the Moon, Part 2" Dub Available Now on Funimation/Crunchyroll/Hulu!

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon

Dub Available Now - Funimation/Crunchyroll/Hulu
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2022.01.28 20:00 hyperhippogames #CapitalistCakeday #Livestream is happening NOW! Click the link and join Investor Nick in on the fun! 🤑💰

#CapitalistCakeday #Livestream is happening NOW! Click the link and join Investor Nick in on the fun! 🤑💰
Watch NOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb6KkZnVLSk
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2022.01.28 20:00 Fiatom 📚Glossary📚

📚Glossary📚 The word of the week is - #Aggregator”
Find out more about #crypto here ➡️ fiatom.io
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2022.01.28 20:00 BubsyFanboy Ruszyła budowa zapory na granicy. Budimex: Uszanujemy środowisko naturalne

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2022.01.28 20:00 hashvagabond Blastar1984 Give Away

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2022.01.28 20:00 ninetofivehangover “guy cannot design for shit”

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2022.01.28 20:00 iZerotarte The 65 paios of Ispanie

The ancient texts narrate how 65 paios came to earth, all of them males without any women, because they could travel well without them. They crossed the milky way and decided to land in a small globe which they saw through your screens that had abundant water since the other previous ones lacked this precious liquid for life. So they decided to call this globe with the name of Leleput - 'It's a motherfucking little land', in the sense of being pleasant to live. They landed in Antarctica and founded their capital next to a river headwater in the middle of an artificial lake and called it Manaos, as it reminded them of the capital city left behind in the Paleides(Pleiades). They built a magnificent palace, all gold and adorned the ground with gold coins placed on edge and lying down, to get to the emperor's palace you had to cross a marble bridge built in a zigzag. This was called the first Spain on this earth. Today it is buried under the ice with its frozen inhabitants and is the best preserved archaeological piece in the world.
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