Vindictive journeys, Chapter One

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2022.01.28 20:17 Halogodzilla12343 Vindictive journeys, Chapter One

Well, I just finished writing this today and decided I might as well post it here. As for builds, most of this is on a creative mode chain that the jumper has no control over as his Benefactor just gives him what it thinks would be interesting.(mostly because im shit at budgeting and want it so he can have everything I want him to have.
As something that I didn't really properly portray in the chapter, this takes place mid-chain. The jumper has a okay amount of experience under his belt. Also he is in the generic cyoa jump for using the Pokemon Personified plus Cyoa.
I'm aware that this is not very good.
The process of dimension hopping was not unfamiliar to me. However, usually I had time to figure out where I was, something among the lines of new memories, the upload of data into my mechanical body, or even a brief look at a mobile task force about to break into the building I was in.
Unfortunately for me not only could I find obvious evidence identifying my current universe, I was also rapidly falling towards a forest. With a thought I harnessed the power of the Force to slow my fall, yes I'm a force user, thats a story for another time. Using the force to slow myself allowed me to better examine the surrounding area. With a dozen different senses, I could tell I was in a massive forest, there was a small village around a dozen miles away. But more importantly there was someone directly above me, falling. Shit.
In my unpreparedness for being slammed into out of nowhere, both me and the other person resumed falling. A quick whisper of "Fucking bullshit" was the final thing I said before hitting the ground.

The woman opened her eyes, instantly they dashed across her surroundings. She was in a forest, laid next to a tree someone must have moved her as the last thing she remembered was falling o-
"I see you're awake." Her eyes turned towards what she realized was the man she had fallen on, faintly blushing she responded. "Yes."
Looking at him, he had blue hair that reached his shoulders, it invoked wildness even if she could tell it had been styled like that meticulously. Either tired or extremely bored red eyes met hers for a split second before they moved somewhere else. He wore a flowing black cloak that covered the rest of his body.
"You know it's rude to stare at the guy you fell on right?" He flatly stated
Her cheeks turned red as she turned her head. "I- yes."
There was an awkward pause, as she thought about what to say.
This world is some sort of pokemon gijinka world. How could I tell, the girl looked nearly exactly like a humanized Darkrai. The all black clothes, the long white hair covering one eye, leaving her other out.
Speaking of the girl, she was still sitting where I laid her down, in the shade of a tree.
"Do you have a name?" I asked.
The girl blinked, "of course it's…" her face morphed to one of horror.
"I-i don't know."
Well, she wasn't lying. Unfortunately that meant she probably had no idea about where the fuck we were. She was also clearly panicking.
"So you have amnesia?" She quickly nodded. It remained silent for a few more seconds as neither of us wanted to speak first.
"Laminchia!" Her excited voice broke the silence.
"?" Probably her name.
"That's my name! I remembered it." Her smiling face practically glowing. A stark contrast to her outfit.
"Well Laminchia, while we were falling I saw a town to our north. I figure we should probably go that way and hope for the best."
I stood up and pointed north, cloak fluttering dramatically in the wind.
"Right… um"
I tilted my head towards her.
"Since I told you my name. What's yours?"
I paused and stared at her in the, err, eye.
"Cypher, most of the time I go by Cypher."
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2022.01.28 20:17 drpeppaMD Got offered a job with the government for much more pay with only 1 year of work experience in IT. Curious about the reputation of government IT and any advice.

I’m 26 in Canada with a university degree in IT and 1 year of IT experience at a company where I started on service desk and was quickly promoted to an End user computing analyst working with BA’s, but mainly working with users. My other experience is in SaaS biz dev.
I’ve been offered a job with the federal government at an almost 35% pay raise with a chance to move up within the next year to an ever higher salary. By the sounds of it I’ll be doing much more exciting work - working on projects and release management effectively getting away from support and working directly with users. My question is what’s the reputation of government work? I’ve heard from others that it may not be the best environment for young employees, is that true in IT? Either way I’m stoked about the new role and accepted it with open arms and can’t wait to learn as much as possible.
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What did he tweet that scared everyone
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Assorted colors. First commenter takes all!
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there is a tv show in which an american flight attendant sleeps with a stranger in bangkok. she wakes up next to him to find that his throat was slit. what is the smart thing for her to do? if i were her, before calling the police, i would call an american lawyer immediately for advice. what would a lawyer tell me if i did so?
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when i wake up tomorrow i've had no hangovers for half a year, best present to myself, but hardest thing ive ever done. going to pickup my token from NA tomorrow and i feel nervous and excited like it is my graduation again lol. thanks to everyone on this sub, helps me alot. Peace!
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I have a 2013 3.5L and take it somewhere to get the oil changed every 3,000 (I know that's over doing it but I want to be extra save with how old it is). The guys always fill it up right in the middle of the two dots on the dip stick. After 1-2k miles when I check my oil it always seems to be past the top dot now. I have heard gas can mix with it and cause the level to rise or that it may be a bad fuel injector. How can I find this issue and fix it? Is it bad to drive because I drive 66 miles a day in it. Thanks
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Da li negdje u ZG postoji brzi test koji se može obaviti u nedjelju, uz plaćanje i najavu ako je potrebno?
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Start you grow for the #lunarnewyear by swinging by the @happytreesag #petersburgva location on Saturday, January 29th at 12pm -while supplies last for the “Tri-Cities Seed Giveaway. Volunteers will be giving away FREE seed packs from @jollypondfarm. Needing seed starter supplies? Pick up some goodies to help you start your babies and enjoy some yummy food from @auntienings! HT Petersburg is located at 100 N. Sycamore Street, Petersburg, VA 23803.
** Must be 21+ yrs of age with an in-state ID to obtain a seed pack. 1-pack per customer while supplies last. ** Seed pack giveaways are in-store only. Sorry, seed packs cannot be shipped.** Happy Trees will not be giving away flower, clones, or seeds. **Seed starting supplies will be available for purchase while supplies last. Additional items can be purchased with a scheduled pickup at the Petersburg location.
For more information, contact us at 855.963.8534 or by email at Follow us on FB or IG @happytreesag for future workshop and event announcements.
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Hey new player wondering what character to main that will be more useful at later content? And has relatively easy early game.
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